Okay, here is the original comic of Pokemon Mystical Journeys, entitled


Instead of Pokemon, there were Pokemon-like creatures whom I entitled


They look so similar to Pokemon that I decided to make a Pokemon comic. After all, it had a great story, just not very great Original Characters. So, I turned these


into Pokemon!

Here is the first page:

Don't you think that creature looks like a Smeargle?

I used to draw tiny panels and was able to fit tons of info on one page. The panels weren't very straight, though, and my handwriting was hard to read. I cleaned it up a little, and put in text so you could actually read what it says.

NOTE: I did not just whip this up today. I made this comic three years ago and I do believe that my style has improved since then.

Page 2 coming sometime. Not too long from now, actually.

Hope you enjoyed.