Characters in order by when we learned their name.


Gender: Female

First Appearance: Cover, Page 6

Is a brat. She thinks she has everything she'll ever need to be happy in life. She has the looks, the money, the clothes, the personality. Or so she thought.
As competition gets harder with Victoria, Jessica is willing to do anything to keep everyone's eyes on her. She's even willing to not only harass her teacher, but skip her well-earned detention.

Ms. Jenkins

Gender: Female

First Appearance: Page 6

She basically the weirdest teacher you will ever have the misfortune to know about. She wears jean skirts, the long ones, but pulls 'em up to her armpits, so she always has to hold them up so they won't fall down.


Gender: Male

First Appearance: Page 7

He might be an athelete, but on the inside he's a good kid. He hangs out with Jessica but hates to get in trouble.


Gender: Female

First Appearance: Page 6

She's just Jessica times 2. Twice as mean, twice as rich, twice as naughty...twice as spoiled. If not three times. She can just have her grandma drive her in the pink-interiored car to Florida anytime she feels like it.